It Finally Happened!

Hi there Mama Bears!

After quite the battle against PCOS (read more about that here), my fiancee and I discovered that we were expecting on April 18, 2016! (cue the fireworks!)

During the fertility struggle of a rollercoaster that we were on, our family and closest friends showered us with unrelenting and incredibly comforting support. After every negative pregnancy test result we received (month after frustrating month) and after every unsuccessful treatment we endured, we had them to lean on.

They provided us with an infinite amount of positivity. Every time we lost hope they found a way to help us find it again and we couldn’t be more grateful!

In this post, I share with you: Our Pregnancy Reveal! I hope you enjoy a look into one of the most special and emotional events of our lives thus far!

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3 Responses to It Finally Happened!

  1. Madre says:

    I remember that day vividly! One of the happiest days of my life! –Madre

  2. Amber Arteaga says:

    Hi Erika!!! Just wanted to say hello and share that I’ve been following your blog and reading and watching everything you post. 1st of all you are an amazing writer! 2nd you and Ron are going to be the most amazing parents. I can’t tell you enough how inspiring your posts/blog is. Congrats again and again! I honestly cannot wait to see you guys at the baby shower!!!! Love ya, always!!

  3. Jacqueline and Charlotte says:

    We love the video so much – priceless in every way. Congratulations to both of you – Peanut will and is already showered with so much love. Hugs, Jacqueline & Charlotte

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