Half Birthdays & Why They Should be a Thing

Hi Mama Bears!

So, we can all agree that yes, the first birthdays are our very own versions of the Superbowl or NBA Championship. We anxiously look forward to them for months in advance, lose sleep planning every detail of the event, and blow a budget our Mama Bear instincts knew we wouldn’t follow – I mean they even make drinking straws now matching every theme imaginable and what’s a party without matching straws?! 0:)

I hear ya loud and clear and I’m already planning Peanut’s first birthday even though we’re still 5 months away so I’m right there with ya. However, there’s one milestone that I feel should be celebrated just as much and that’s the . . . wait for it . . . half birthday!

We celebrated Peanut’s 6-month milestone with a Half Birthday Party and I must say it was so special! Yes, it’s somewhat unheard of or unusual but it’s a growing trend and one I completely understand.

See, while a first birthday marks the completion of our little cub’s first whole year of life, 6 months is when the fun starts for our babies!

At 6 months most babies begin to crawl – sometimes backward 🙂 – they usually start on solids, they tend to begin to prefer sitting, their personalities begin to blossom and . . . you get my drift.

The halfway point is when their world opens up in so many interesting and fun ways! We find it adorable and heartwarming while to them, it’s an imperative and colossal beginning that shapes every other milestone that is to follow.

So yes, I joined the ever so slowly moving bandwagon and had a Half Birthday Party. I encourage you to highlight this milestone in your little one’s life. Even if it’s with a candle and cupcake. It’s the start of all the amazing growth that’s about to happen that should be celebrated and that can look any which way your Mama Bear heart tells you it should (with or without those straws).

Here’s how we celebrated Peanut’s 6 Month Milestone 🙂

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Thanks to all our family and friends who humored me and joined us in this celebration! We love and appreciate you!

What milestone are you most excited to witness in your cub’s development? I’d love to know!

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